A collection of tools that will improve any Angular project

A good solider always makes sure he has the right weapons before going to battle, same goes for a developer who needs the right tools before taking on a new task.

In this article I will share with you some tools that will make your coding more efficient, responsible and clear.

1. Preformance: “memoize” & Change Detection Logs

As you know, when ever you call a function in your template it gets triggered on every change detection. If that function run some “heavy” logic it may cause performance issues.

There are a couple of solutions to avoid this:

1.Move that function to a pure pipe — but…

Starting a new project can be confusing as you need a lot of different setups, so I decided to gather all the configuration that you will need in one simple 6 steps guide.

HTML Boilerplate
HTML Boilerplate
  1. Setting the project as a workspace, great for code sharing and common settings accross multiple applications.
  2. Using a custom Angular library in our Angular project.
  3. Some custom configuration for Karma & Jasmine unit testing.
  4. Setting a pre-commit hook to lint our stages files with ESLint + prettier.
  5. Setting alias path with Typescript.
  6. Setting up multiple environments for : local, staging, production + Injecting process.env …

Tal Gershman

Senior Frontend developer at Mobileye, developing web apps in Angular.

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